Wood Chips & Charcoal

Wood Chips & Charcoal

Need Wood Chips, Charcoal, or Fire Starters for your Charcoal Tailgating Grill? We have you covered! We have may flavors of Wood Chips as well as High-End Charcoal and Fire Starters.

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Alder Wood Smoking Chips

Alder Wood Smoking Chips offer a very mild with a slightly sweet & subtle fruity flavor. Use with po..


Apple Wood Smoking Chips

Apple Wood Smoking Chips offer a very delicate flavor with a hint of sweetness. Use with pork, poult..


Cherry Wood Smoking Chips

Cherry Wood Smoking Chips offer a Mild and Fruity flavor. Use with poultry, seafood, ribs, steaks, v..


Grill Dome Charcoal Bag (20 lbs)

GRILL DOME CHOICE LUMP CHARCOAL offers an authentic charcoal taste. All Natural, no fillers no VOC's..


Hickory Wood Smoking Chips

Hickory Wood Smoking Chips are the most popular wood chips for smoking. Hickory Smoking Chips offer ..


Jack Daniel's Whisky Barrel Wood Smoking Chips

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey is aged in charred white oak barrels. During the aging process, the ..


Mesquite Wood Smoking Chips

Mesquite Smoking Chips offer a strong sweet hard flavor. Use Mesquite Smoking Chips with poultry, be..